7 Crochet Tips for Beginners

Crochet beginners? Courtesy of Mandy O’Sullivan of RedAgape, we have all the tips you need to become a crochet professional. From choosing a comfortable hook to the right yarn weight, there are many things you can do to help you get started in crocheting.

1. Take a comfortable hook and hold it firmly

Remember that the right way to hold your hook is the best way for you. A comfortable hook is a must when you are learning to crochet, so find one that suits your grip. I love hooks that have a soft handle like Clover Amour.


2. Choose a suitable yarn weight to start

Goldilocks had the right idea! For crocheting use a yarn weight that is neither too fine nor too thick, like an Aran weight (worsted or 10-ply). It is easier to hold than a fine yarn, but not too difficult to handle.

3. Start with small projects

Start with small, achievable projects. Crochet takes time and beginners often feel discouraged if they can’t do everything at once. Crochet small items like coasters, mandalas or squares before moving on to larger items like pillows and blankets. And above all, have fun!

4. Take your hook every day

Learning to crochet is most difficult when you train your hand to hold the hook and yarn with the correct tension. It will feel unnatural and a bit cumbersome at first, but if you pick up your hook every day during the first learning, it will become second nature in no time. Don’t give up! There are very few people who get it immediately, so keep practicing.

5. Chain, chain, chain!

The best way to improve your tension while learning is chain, chain, chain. When all chains look good and you are ready for more complicated stitches.

6. Make stitch patterns

Crochet consists of a handful of stitches that are combined in different ways to create a variety of textures and patterns. As you work on small stitch patterns, you will become familiar with the different stitches. These patterns can be sewn together to make small blankets or washcloths. Do not forget to count your stitches as well. It is really frustrating to reach the end of a row or round and find that you have missed stitches or have more than you need.

7. Try the good old granny place

It is important to learn how to crochet in the round and in the row. For beginners there is nothing better than making a grandma square. The possibilities for granny squares are endless!

New year, new skills

This week we bring you five sets of craft tips with a new themed article published every day from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January. First there are 7 crochet tips for beginners from the beautiful RedAgape. Keep an eye on the website to see what other tips for handicrafts we have to give you every day.


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